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Visit to Polonnaruwa sacred city

Visit a once flourishing empire, the second most ancient of Sri Lanka’s kingdoms and the capital of Sri Lanka from 1017 A.D. to 1235 A.D. Travel back in time to the Golden Age of Polonnaruwa under the reign of King Parakramabahu the Great (1153A.C-1186A.C).

See the remains of some of the greatest feats of the past; the gigantic Parakrama Samudra (The Sea of Parakrama) covering 2500 hectares of land, still provides water for irrigation to the surrounding areas and is believed to be one of the most greatest irrigation feats of the past.

Take time to see the remains of ancient stupas, shrines, palaces, buildings, monasteries, tanks and parks, each one narrating its own story of a glorious past.

Some of the ‘must see’ places include the Statue of king Parakramabahu I, the Potgul Vehera – a unique monastery, the Lotus Pond with its eight petal lotus shape built on four tiers, the Rankot Vihara – the 55m high stupa, the largest in Polonnaruwa, Galvehera – three large Buddha statues carved on the face of a rock and the Royal Palace of King Parakramabahu I.