Under Water Diving & Snorkeling Tours Kalpitiya Sri Lanka

Lesser known than Hikkaduwa or the Beruwela Barbryn reef but biggest of the three, Kalpitiya bar reef sanctuary is a pristine system of coral reefs just off shore of the Kalpitiya peninsula. The reef was declared a sanctuary in 1992 and covers an approximate area of 306sq.km.

Home to over 156 species of coral and 283 species of fish with greater biodiversity than any other found around Indian Ocean. Lying about an hour’s boat ride from the Kalpitiya town, known hotspot for reef sharks, manta rays and occasionally turtles, in our opinion a week’s holiday here of snorkelling and diving will barely scratch the surface of what’s on offer. The waters are crystal clear and depth is from 2 to 8 meters while further out it can increase up to 40m.