Trekking trip to Weligalpoththa Buddhist Monastery

The journey will start at the dawn of the day, the initial 25 kms of our outing travelling in a Tuk-Tuk. There onwards, we will begin to set on foot, a trekking that will last for 2 hours or so, through a jungle path passing a remote village. You will get to experience firsthand the livelihood of the village folks and their simplistic / minimalistic life style and what revolves around them. You will also be treated with sights of local fauna such as porcupines or mongooses which are very likley to come about on our way arriving at the Monastary.

Budhist Monks do not cook food but rely on meals that are given to them by the buddhist followers. In the case of monastaries such as this, placed away from human interactions; devotees take turns in coming and staying for a day or two to cook and offer the 2 meals the monks require for a day. Whilst at the Monastary, you can experience and learn the fundamentals of Buddhist Beleifs as well as the fundamentals of Buddhist Monastic life.

This is 1 night and 2 days trip with a stay in a local house with a family to experience the Sri Lankan life.

No of Pax Per Person
01 pax US$ 152
02 pax US$ 102
03 pax US$ 96
04 pax US$ 92
05 pax US$ 90
06 pax US$ 87
07 pax US$ 88
08 pax US$ 89

We can tailor this trip to suit your requirements

Any aspect of the itinerary can be altered, from excursions to accommodation

The rate includes,

  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments
  • All local transportation using public buses and Tuk Tuk Trishaws
  • Service of an expert trekking guide