Cycling and Trekking trip to Kalupahana Buddhist Monastery

This is a trip to a Buddhist Monastery placed on top of a rock. We will arrive at the destination by Bicycles and start ascending the rock enjoying many great views. We will stop at certain points to enjoy and appreciate the scenery.

These Buddhist Monasteries are set up differently to that of other general Buddhist temples. The monks live an extremely simplistic life style and mingles very less with the lay people. They dedicate most of the time on meditation which could last from days to weeks or months.

This particular monastery posses a sacred ‘bo‘ tree (asathu tree) to which the local villages pay homage to and make wishes for any good health or to wish their sicknesses to cure faster.

We will spend our time at the Monastery exploring its surroundings and mean while learning the fundamentals of Buddhism and details about monastic life of Buddhist monks of the Theravada sector.

This is 1 night and 2 days trip with a stay in a local house with a family to experience the Sri Lankan life.

No of Pax Per Person
01 pax US$ 136
02 pax US$ 100
03 pax US$ 91
04 pax US$ 86
05 pax US$ 85
06 pax US$ 83
07 pax US$ 83
08 pax US$ 81

We can tailor this trip to suit your requirements

Any aspect of the itinerary can be altered, from excursions to accommodation

The rate includes,

  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments
  • All local transportation using public buses and Tuk Tuk Trishaws
  • Service of an expert trekking guide