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Tea experience in Pedro Estate

Head for the Pedro Tea Estate which lies nestled amongst the scenic beauty of Sri Lanka’s hill country, situated in the shadows of the country’s highest mountain Pidurutalagala, just 3.5 km from NuwaraEliya. Walk through the tea fields and watch closely how the colorfully clad tea pluckers carefully pick the prized “two leaves and bud” that go into making the world finest Pure Ceylon Tea. Try your hand at picking the leaves; chat with the pickers (using hand gestures for they may not understand the language you speak), let them show you how it is correctly done. Next take a guided tour of the tea factory to see and understand the intricate procedure of tea processing. The full process involves Tea Plucking, Withering, Rolling, Fermentation, Firing and Sorting/Grading before it is bulk packed to be sent to the Tea Auctions in Colombo. Watching and understanding the process will take a couple or more hours at the end of which you will have acquired a good knowledge of tea processing, its intricacies and the workings that goes into making the Pure Ceylon Tea, known as the finest in the world, that’s brewing far across the oceans. You will also have the opportunity to see and learn about the tea types, which are sorted by the size of the leaf; the large leaf teas fetching higher prices in comparison to the dust grades.

At the outdoor Café enjoy a freshly brewed cup of tea while enjoying the panoramic view. You canal so buy some Pure Ceylon Tea to take back home. I guess now you know that the tea you are taking back is enfolded in an intriguing story of hard work, commitment, passion and success.