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Staying with a Local Family in a Homestay

Ayubowan! Welcome home! Yes your home in Sri Lanka where your local family is waiting to receive and host you to an authentic Sri Lankan family experience.

Sri Lanka is renowned for its smiling people who are thought to be the friendliest and most hospitable people in the world.

‘Amma’ (mother in Sinhala) the matriarch of the family will ensure you are truly comfortable whilst creating some of her finest traditional Sri Lankan cuisine and sweetmeats to fill your tummy.

Enjoy lunch ( mostly home grown organics) served on banana leaves, take pleasure in a refreshing bath at the open well, cycle through the village and see how the villagers perform their daily chores. How about visiting the local temple, a boat ride on the river or watching the farmers at work. If you fancy helping ‘Amma’ in the kitchen, go ahead, she will love to have you around and will most certainly give you a lesson or two on preparing Sri Lankan dishes.