Polwatta Eco Lodge


Polwaththa (pronounced pol’watha) is a unique and authentic nature experience that offers you the best of nature & traditional Sri Lankan village culture. Polwaththa means "coconut estate" which indicates that you will be surrounded by coconut palm trees and a variety of other trees that provide a lush greenery throughout the year, giving you a ‘living-in-the-jungle' feeling.

The jungle is filled with wildlife that include 60 different species of birds of which 15 are endemic (for details on bird watching click here). Monkeys, barking deer and the giant squirrel roam about during the day while wildboar, owls, flying squirrels and bats appear at night. Therefore we are a haven for bird watchers and nature lovers alike.

The jungle and environment provide a calm and tranquil atmosphere in a comfortable temperature zone ranging from 20-28ºC . This experience is enhanced with a personalised service of a truly traditional style.

Our vision at Polwaththa is to practice true ecotourism while maintaining a degree of discretion to protect our unique identity and provide adequate safety to our guests. We started in 2010 as one of the first to introduce ecotourism to the Kandy region, and we hope our philosophy will be an inspiration for others to follow.


There are four tastefully furnished, ensuite bedrooms which includes a spacious Master suite. Two additional fold away beds are available upon request for children.

Superior Lodges

  • The Wood Cabin - This is our wooden lodge which is situated closest to the restaurant (approx.30m). It is made purely from wood and is built on pillars giving a tree house feel. It is one of the most popular lodges and has been nicknamed by guests as Tarzan’s Tree-House.
  • The Brick House - As the name suggests, it is made of brick and entirely done by the villagers with our own clay and baked at site. This lodge is approx.60m from the restaurant and is close to the Wood Cabin which makes it ideal for those who wish to take two lodges close to each other. This lodge is also accessible for wheelchairs.
  • Parrot House - This lodge with a large wooden balcony is made from clay and colour-washed with Dolomite, a natural product which combine to make the temperature inside the lodge cooler than outside. From a large tree close by where the Wood-peckers initially pecked their holes, flocks of the Layards Parakeet and the Hanging Parrot, both endemic to Sri Lanka, compete with each other for their nesting places - hence the name “Parrot House”. The lodge is located approx.90m from the restaurant.
  • Lower Lake View Lodge - This lodge is also made from clay with a veranda and is situated in the corner of the property. Although far (approx.100 m) from the restaurant, it is close to the entrance and gives a true living-in-the-jungle feeling. It is situated below the Upper Lake View lodge with a great view of the Victoria Lake.
  • Upper Lake View Lodge - This is one of the most popular lodges among honeymooners due to it’s isolation and the breathtaking view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. This too is built with clay and has a large wooden balcony. It is approx.120m from the restaurant and ends with a short climb.

Lake View Cabanas

  • These two Wooden Cabanas are the newest addition to Polwaththa. The entire lodge and the veranda are made from wood by the villagers. The two lodges are called ‘Clove House’ and ‘Cinnamon House’ which have fantastic views of the Victoria Lake.


  • The 2 mud houses are our budget lodges. The entire lodge and the veranda are made from clay by the villagers in their traditional style. They face an abundance of trees instead of the open view as seen from the superior lodges.The beds and cloth-hangers are made from Coffee branches after pruning.

From US$ 161

2 Nights for 2 people at Polwatta Eco Lodge on HB basis