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Kandyan Country Walk with Traditional Breakfast

At the break of dawn meet at the Mud House situated in the village of Kobbekaduwa, 14 kilometres from the City of Kandy. Set out to explore the sleepy village as it rises from its slumber. Be greeted by the feathered choir as they sing you a welcome song. Observe the villagers getting ready for the day and children hurrying to school. Enjoy a refreshing country walk before stopping over at the 600-year-old Ancestral Kandyan Mansion. Experience a bygone era as you walk through its corridors whilst listening to some grand stories of the past. Enjoy a refreshing cup of freshly brewed ‘green leaf porridge’ accompanied by jaggery (a sweet made from the sap of the palm tree) before commencing the expedition to “Nelli Gala” the Mountain Temple. Walk past paddy fields, spice gardens and refreshing water sprouts, before arriving at the peak that promises a 360-degree panoramic view of the mountainous Kandyan countryside. (Be prepared for a moderately strenuous climb through narrow footpaths on the way up to the mountain temple.) Be part of the morning temple rituals that fill the air with Buddhist chanting and the peeling of temple bells. After some intriguing moments filled with peace and serenity it ‘s time to trek back to the Mud House where a delicious freshly prepared traditional breakfast awaits to appease the hunger pangs of the returning visitors.