Hotel Sigiriya


Marvel at the grandeur and mystique of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress from the comfort of Hotel Sigiriya. Discover the sights and sounds of the jungle but not before savouring a mix of traditional local spices that go into each of their scrumptious dishes.

They offer you the luxury of pampering your mind, body and soul in soothing oils and herbs, all part of a refreshing Ayurveda experience administered by professionals well versed in the art. Be enthralled by lush green landscapes that will lead you through the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka.

Their eco haven paves the way for you to embrace nature in all its glory while sipping on a sweet tropical beverage. Plunge into their swimming pool and experience complete relaxation.


Exhilarated after an once-in-a-lifetime walk with elephants through the jungle and feeling truly relaxed after a full-body massage, it’s time for bed.

Escape the relentless chatter of the modern world, and tune in to the rhythm of the jungle instead. Switch off alarm clocks, for you have playful monkeys waking you up in the morning with the sound of their chatter and scampering feet.

Cutting-edge flat screen TV technology blends seamlessly with the simple natural design of their superior rooms. All rooms boast stylish, crisp cotton bed linen, high, airy wooden ceilings and spacious terraces. Keep cool in the tropical temperatures with powerful air-conditioning.

  • Superior Rooms - Every one of their rooms at the Hotel Sigiriya is the best room… superior comfort comes as standard!


Food always tastes so delicious outdoors! So get ready to enjoy some memorable gourmet cuisine in their open-air restaurant.

The choice is yours – dine a la carte or heap your plate with delicacies from the generous international buffet serving everything from piquant curries and local seafood specialties to crunchy fresh salads and juicy grilled steaks.

Feel like a relaxed treat? You‘ve earned it! Order room service for a laid-back breakfast or a leisurely supper. They’ve got all your favourites as well as some new delectable delights!

  • Main Restaurant - Revel in the bubble of calm that envelops you after spending time in peaceful surroundings. Our dining pavilion has a cooling wooden-slatted roof with traditionally woven shades, centered around a towering tree, bringing the beauty of nature to the heart of your dining experience. They’re proud to serve up organic vegetables from their own garden, bursting with goodness and so 100% good for you! Discover the subtly-spiced delights of Sri Lankan cuisine or satisfy your desire for something a little more familiar such as pasta or a succulent meat from the char-grill. Give in to temptation! Feast on exotic fresh fruits and delectable cakes and desserts.
  • Main Bar - They say the best bars are all about the ambience, and, of course, the company. Offering a stunning view of the Lion Rock, this bar will mesmerize you in more ways than one. Sip on a cooling fruit juice in the shade of the lounge bar, or perhaps try something a little more adventurous. Maybe one of our award-winning cocktails? Shaken or stirred? Sweet or sour? We’ve got it all!
  • Speciality Dining - A special meal under the stars with the moonlight and soothing nigh breezes providing an unforgettable ambience… Enjoy fine dining by the pool, whether it’s a special occasion or you just feel like making it one. Breathe in deep… That delicious sizzling, spicy smell can mean only one thing – BBQ night! Swap stories by the pool as the chefs work their magic at the food stations and create a succulent buffet of char-grilled delights.
  • Signature Dishes - Hotel Sigiriya is located in an area that is rich with history and steeped in culture. Keeping in mind the legacy we shoulder, their hotel cuisine boasts a signature dish that reflects local culture and demonstrates the value of organically grown ingredients as conceptualized by our forefathers. At Hotel Sigiriya their signature dish, ‘Fresh Water Red Breast Thilapia on Corn And Olu Rice Pittu’ is delightfully tangy. The savoury preparation of the fish heightened by the taste of traditional ingredients such as jackfruit seeds, village corn and coconut oil transforms this dish into a gourmet offering, inviting diners to share in Sri Lanka’s rich culinary heritage.


  • The Ayurveda Villa - is located within the hotel premises and envelopes visitors into a cocoon of serene bliss. (Open from 8 AM – 9 PM)
  • The Mini bar - is available in every room and is fully stocked . Guests can avail of the contents at a nominal charge
  • In-house Shop - In their bid to add value to the hotel, They have an in-house jewellery boutique that showcases precious stones that Sri Lanka is so famous for. The shop is open from 7 AM – 10 PM.
  • car park - Ample car parking facilities in close proximity to the hotel entrance and 24-hour security offer convenience to visitors.
  • Safety Boxes - Self-operated safety deposit boxes for cash and valuables are placed in closets of all their rooms for enhanced security purposes. Guests are requested to follow operating instructions. Usage is free.
  • Ironing Facilities - They provide a free ironing board and iron on request at no additional charge. However, the same should be returned after use as this is not an in-room facility
  • DVD Documentary Library - Residents can spend a few hours indoors and select a variety of DVDs by paying a nominal refundable deposit. The library is located at the Eco Centre.
  • Conference Hall - Modern conference, facilities, such as audio visual equipments, comfortable seating up to 90 pax theatre-style make Hotel Sigiriya the preferred choice for corporate conferences and seminars. Its natural surroundings inspires the creativity in you.
  • Internet facility - They also provide Desktop PCs for guests who would like to access the Internet. Charged extra, this service is open from 6 AM – 12 midnight.