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Climb Sigiriya Rock Fortress

A royal invitation to explore a majestic 5th century fortress in the sky, the most visited historical sites in the country.

This gigantic column of rock, rising up 200 meters (660ft) into the heavens was once a royal palace and is today acclaimed a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site.

Step into the past; let your imagination go riot. Walk around the landscaped pleasure gardens with its moats, man-made ponds and fountains, considered a hydraulic marvel of the past. Be enthralled by the frescoes of beautiful ladies painted on the surface of the rock; take in the grandeur of the Mirror Walls with its verses dating back from as early as the eighth century. Make a grand entrance through the massive lion’s paws carved out of stone and climb up 1200 steps all the way to the top where a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape awaits those who dare to make it.