Cinnamon Lakeside


Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo sits in the heart of Colombo, nestled between a lake and the bustling city, creating the perfect, urban getaway. Like a beacon for the weary traveler and a call to the busy bee, Cinnamon Lakeside is the perfect way to escape within the city and find the luxuries of resort life.

It is also the most extraordinary business hotel in Colombo, housing the largest city swimming pool, spectacular lanscaping and an atmosphere of adventure.They are also home to a floating restaurant, an aqua foot lounge, delectable international cuisine and inspiring event venues. Stunning views of the Beira Lake and their stylishly chilled architecture combine to transport every visitor to a far-away place of peace and punctuation, heightening the senses at all times.

Most of their 346 rooms come with expansive private terraces that open up to a breathtaking view of their poolside and the lake beyond. Walk in and find yourself relaxing to the pace of a resort, surrounded by definitive, exotic richness. Comfort, personal attention, sincerity and warmth define us.

Located a mere half an hour away from the Bandaranaike International Airport and right in the heart of Colombo’s pulse and pace, Cinnamon Lakeside takes away the stress and the speed of the city’s demands and makes you unwind on impact.

They’ve been winning awards for creating eclectic leisure over here at Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo for 30 years– so coming to them means you are in the hands of masters.


Accommodation at Cinnamon Lakeside is akin to staying at a far-away paradise – moving your state of mind from a hotel in Colombo to a resort along our southern coastline. Their expansive Premium, Superior and Executive rooms and our tropically luxurious Presidential, Executive and Cilantro Suites all come with fresh foliage, bathtubs, lighting control systems,vibrant interiorsand spectacular views of the city, lake and poolside.The combinedambiance is designed to create absolute bliss. They aim to provide a piece of paradise in each of their rooms and each moment our guests are with them. No matter what you seek, be it calm or crazy, their rooms deliver. Come to us at Cinnamon Lakeside and find your calm in the storm of the city.

  • Superior Room - If you love your classic city interiors then our Superior Rooms are your perfect choice. Combined with city views that are great at sunset and the option of parquet or carpeted floors, the rooms can transport you to tropical charm or opulent comfort, depending on your choice of escape. These are the trademarks that make us one of the best hotels in Colombo. The harmoniously designed, ergonomic interiors are your plush get-away space from the city below you and the troubles on your mind. Sit down on your bed or sink into your tub, then decide on how comfortable you want to be. The rest will be at your fingertips.
  • Premium Room - There isn’t another hotel in Colombo that can promise a view overlooking the Beira Lake and our spectacular poolside. In fact everything about the room is designed to create leisure at every turn, something out-of-town resorts are known to offer, instead of city hotels. Ergonomic and eco friendly design combine with the eclectic and exotic, creating the perfect hideout for the busy business traveler. Walk in, take your mind off that busy day and sink into the comforts of these, our Premium Rooms at Cinnamon Lakeside.
  • Executive Room - Their 7th Floor is 7th heaven for the business professional. The lifts open to an atmosphere quite different to the rest of the hotel. Walls lined with modern masterpieces, evocative black interiors, an exclusive Executive Lounge and concierge service transport you from a business hotel into your own private oasis. And the rooms are equally spectacular; gold and black interiors, thoughtful amenities and unexpected luxuries come together to create a heightened experience. If Cinnamon Lakeside is your resort in the city, then their Executive Floor is its very soul.
  • Executive Suites - Executive success demands certain privileges in life that come with those achievements. Consider their executive suites just one of those executive hallmarks, designed especially for your needs and tastes. Sleek black and gold interiors meet with plush comforts, a personal butler and exclusive access to their Executive Lounge. Located on the 7th floor, this lounge is very much your own private meeting and working space. They also serve complimentary breakfast and late night port &cheese that They recommend you have on the lounge’s expansive balcony overlooking the Beira Lake and their resort poolside. You could also join us at the lounge for happy hour cocktails each evening.
  • Cilantro Suites - While there are many similar 5 star hotels in Colombo, here at Lakeside They like to spice things up a little . This is why each of their Cilantro suites come with expansive private terraces for wining, dining and an incomparable view. Stargaze over a romantic dinner or wake up to dawn breaking on the Beira Lake. A master bedroom and bathroom, guest toilet and lounge area complete your suite. The Executive Lounge located on the 7th floor is also yours for the taking. They provide private dining, snacks, cocktails, and late night port with a spread of cheeses. A private butler service, meeting and working facilities are also available to you. No matter what you do, when it’s time to make like Houdini and escape, this is probably where you should go.
  • Presidential Suites -There’s a reason why some of the worlds most distinguished VIPs, dignitaries and artistes have chosen to stay at their masterpiece Presidential Suite. While the entire hotel is designed to transport you to paradise, the Presidential Suite also transports you back in time. Walk in and feel a sense of colonial history surround you within these sprawling rooms that consist of a large terrace for entertaining, multiple lounges, tasteful alcoves, a dining room, a guest bedroom, guest bathrooms, a fully functional kitchen and cocktail bar. Add a grand piano and Jacuzzi to the mix and everything is just perfect. What more could you ask for if you want to live like a king from days gone by? We house this divine hotel suite in Colombo for those of your with discerning taste, offering you this masterpiece for the taking.


Their city resort houses the 10 best restaurants in Colombo with an assortment of specialty cuisine, and master chefs ready to tease your taste buds and take you on a gastronomic adventure. Each restaurant is designed with a specific atmosphere in mind, transporting not only your senses but your very being to the places their dishes come from. Their signature restaurants – Royal Thai and Long Feng are both testament to this from entrance to entrée and beyond. Their resort feel extends itself to other venues like a private dining on the lake and an aqua lounge to sip cocktails and dip your feet into flowing water. And even a lobby lounge that doubles up as sushi bar. The versatile dining experiences here at Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo are truly exotic indulgences.

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