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Catamaran Sailing trip in Trincomalee

Spend an unforgettable day out on a catamaran. The three hour cruise on the waters off Nilaveli will make you feel like you’ve spent a lifetime floating on the Indian Ocean. Head towards Pigeon Island National Park, one of the two marine parks in Sri Lanka. Everything is picture perfect here; great underwater scenery, sunny weather and ideal wind conditions. Go snorkeling to see amazing coral formations, schools of colourful fish, sea turtle and other marine creatures. You can also swim, paddle boat, surf and just take in the sun. End the adventure with some delicious bites and sparkling champagne.

It’s a lovely way to start the day if it’s a day tour and probably a good way to end the day if it’s a late evening trip. The best time to sail in the eastern coast is between June and September, with a choice of sunrise and sunset tours.