Aqua Dunhinda Ethgala


Discover true luxury and tranquility when you stay at Aqua Dunhinda. A private Villa, nestled in a scenic tea garden over-looking the Kothmale Forest and the Mahaweli River. The Villa offers their guests a chance to connect with nature and soak in the breathtaking views, participate in nature activities such as hikes, yoga & meditation and indulge in unique and traditional family recipes.


The Villa is equipped with all necessary modern day comforts including cable TV, DVD player, stereo, fridge, hot water and air conditioning. Service is just a bell ring away 24/7. Once you check-in, all your needs will be looked after by the Villa Manager, Personal Butler and Cook.

Stepping out of the verandah, you will be surrounded by the tea garden, tropical fruit trees and indigenous plants. In the early morning and late evening you will be serenaded by a variety of birds, some migrating from faraway lands. There are a number of natural rocks in the garden upon which you may sit and watch the breath taking view of the flowing river.


Welcome to a culinary adventure that is unique and traditional. Their guests have the option of picking their choice of meals based on 3 menus: Sri Lankan, Fusion and Health-Conscious.

At Aqua Dunhinda, They aspire to source most of the vegetables and greens from their home garden or that is locally grown to reduce their environmental footprint. Keeping in-line with the daily dietary intake recommendations, They encourage their guests to reduce the intake of meat. They are pleased to offer fresh seafood and other tasty alternatives in abundance. Their Chef will discuss your dietary preferences with you based on the menu and create dishes that will suit your needs and desires. You may accompany the Chef to the market to purchase and experience the simplicity of sourcing and cooking at Aqua Dunhinda.


When you check-in at Aqua Dunhinda your priority will be to completely lay back and relax. Their guests typically want to absorb the surrounding panoramic view of nature, experience the peace and tranquility while getting pampered by their team.

If you are curious by nature and wish to be adventurous, there are many attractions within the property to inspire you and keep you busy.

  • Yoga - Yoga sessions are arranged and conducted by their friend and renowned Yoga gee from the area. Yoga is conducted on the rocks of the river to ensure complete physical and mental rejuvenation.
  • Meditation - The venerable Buddhist monk from the local temple provides meditation sessions and there are a number of ideal spots to help you focus your concentration.
  • Horticulture therapy - Guests are welcome to participate in nurturing of the various crops that are grown at Aqua Dunhinda including tea, various garden vegetables, pepper vines and experience the healing power of horticulture therapy.
  • Nature hikes - (both self-guided and with the Gardener):
  • Tea garden walk - Take a relaxing walk along the tea garden path and watch the river winding its way for miles at various points from the land.
  • River hike - Take a walk down to the river, must be guided by a guide, and experience the amazing rock canapé and the water gushing all around you. (Recommended to be taken in the morning or after 4pm).
  • Forest hike - For the adventurous, a hike can be arranged walking up the river and connecting to the Kotemale forest. This must be a guided tour due to dangers of wild life and water currents.
  • Bird watching - Dunhinda is blessed with a number of birds passing through as well as visiting the land. These include parrots, jungle fowls and variety of eagles. All you need to do is sit at the veranda with a pair of binoculars and you will see an abundance of birds that are unique to Sri Lanka throughout the day.
  • River bath - Experience a natural spa experience and plunge into the waters of the Mahaweli. This is a guided tour and must be accompanied by their staff at all times.
  • Mini night safari - Experience the delight of seeing various wild animals that visit their land from your own room including monkeys, buffaloes, porcupines, boars, river otters.
  • Star gazing - Sit back on the deck or wrap around the veranda to watch the stars with minimal light pollution.
  • Ayurveda massage - A family-run Ayurveda massage therapy services can be arranged as requested.
  • Day attractions - Number of day attractions can be arranged at your request.